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Transition Man Johnny Campbell
Agent Profile Johnny Campbell Profile Agent profile
Training Corporate
Johnny Campbell
Personal Traits Classified Information
Address: 780 W. Army Trail Rd. #278
Carol Stream, IL 60188
Bureau: The League of Extraordinary Speakers
Phone: (630) 460-3279 Agency: Speak On It!
E-mail: Level: Performance Management Specialist
Websites: Service: 14 years Origin: United States Eyesight: 20/20
success success success success
Training / Education Awards
10 years: Insurance professional P&C Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)
14 years: Professional speaker Accredited Speaker
3 years: Public seminar experience
Areas of Knowledge Areas of Expertise
Change Change / Change Management
Communication Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution Skills
Networking Networking Skills
Marketing / Sales Marketing / Sales Techniques
Negotiation Behavioral Profiling
Psychological Profile / Personality
Entertaining and engaging individual with a carefree nature who possesses a well-defined self-identity. Individual is highly driven, purposeful in action and is motivated not by the journey but the experiences of the mission.

Individual lives by this strict code: When you’re 80 percent ready take action.

Individual’s mission when serving clients is to help them achieve their desired results.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: ENTJ – Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking Judging
Behavior Profile Testing: Dreamer / Analyzer
Case File Summary: Johnny has been trained to be a 21st century Agent of Change. His mission is to serve his client and help them succeed.
Brief Personal History

Johnny "The Transition Man" Campbell, is a Business Growth Strategist, and the CEO of Rise-Up and Win Seminars. He co-founded/co-creator of the IFBTV web platform an Interactive Television Platform on Facebook. Johnny currently provides business professionals with strategic direction on how to improve their Presentations, Social Media Campaigns, Business Networking and Sales efforts. Johnny's expertise is in Team Management, Lead Generation and Sales Conversion methods for revenue enhancement. Johnny also provides clients with customize programs on Leadership, Change, Conflict Resolution, Success and Communication skills.

Johnny is the 2012-13 President of the National Speaker association for state of Illinois and is also an accredited Speaker a designation presented by Toastmaster International and is held by only 65 professional speakers in the world for excellence in public speaking. Upon receiving this designation Johnny became the first African American under the age of 40 to hold this designation, and at age 35 was one of the youngest Toastmasters in the world to earn Toastmasters highest communication designation. Johnny’s induction into the Speaker Hall of Fame was in 2007.

Johnny gained his team management and sales expertise in the Insurance industry where he participated in leading hundreds of people through multiple Corporate Downsizings and Mergers.Based on those events, sales results and his experiences in life he became: “The Transition Man”

Johnny’s ongoing mission is to help people overcome the personal and professional obstacles of life, so they can have more success, more money and more happiness in their life.

  • Earned the distinguished status of Accredited Speaker in 2007 from Toastmasters International.
  • Earned his (DTM) Distinguish Toastmaster award in 2004 from Toastmaster International.
  • Earned his Professional Membership in the National Speakers Association in 2001.
  • 2002-3 Chicagoland (Area) Toastmasters International Speech Champion
  • 2002-3 Chicagoland (Divisional) Toastmasters International Speech Champion
  • Graduate of the American Society for Training and Development Institute
  • Graduate of Indiana University - BA in English

Member of the National Speakers Association

Corporate Speaking