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1. The Elevator to Success is Broken…Take the Stairs

How to gain more success, happiness, and prosperity in life.

In this entertaining and informative program I will share my insights and ideas on how to achieve more success in life while dealing with the uncertainty of changing times.


2. The Agent of Change

Strategies for getting people to embrace change without Losing your mind or your bank account.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to help your people embrace in a positive and productive way, new changes that are being proposed or implemented. Change, though constant and necessary for most organizations to grow and prosper, can be difficult to implement when it comes to gaining the cooperation and collaboration of those involved. This entertaining and
informative program teaches transitional strategies which will actually improve productivity and effectiveness in times of change.


3. Selling to Brands X and Y

A blueprint for marketing products and services to generations X & Y.

Today’s 18 to 40 year olds are techno savvy, sophisticated and immune to conventional marketing strategies. But the buying habits of these generational markets can be anticipated. In this program, we will discuss X’s and Y’s buying behaviors and the strategies, tactics and tools that can be used to connect with them and sell to them.


4. They're Driving Me Crazy!

CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS: How to deal with difficult people in the workplace and life.

Difficult people are everywhere. They affect our productivity at work and our happiness at home. In this program, we will discuss how to overcome those people's behaviors and gain their cooperation in business and in life.


6. The 21st Century Leader

LEADERSHIP: Strategies for leading others in a changing world

Becoming an effective Leader in the 21st century can be very challenging. In the 21st century we are facing various challenges from dealing with the threat of terrorism on a global scale, to our own immediate world of dealing with higher expectations with fewer resources, to facing disgruntle employees and upset customers. In this program we will discuss how to deal with and overcome the leadership challenges of the 21st century.


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Build your net worth through networking

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